Regal Management Group (RMG)

is an innovative management company established in 2007 by Ricki Brazil. RMG was created to assist in the success of artist, entertainers and athletes by providing services which will bring the clients talents to a broader audience. RMG wants our clients dreams to come true, that is accomplished through our excellent project management and development while making sure all their business needs and wants are met.


CEO/ Founder

Entrepreneur, Promoter, and Motivator

As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Regal Management Group (RMG), a company active in talent management, and strategic media advisory work, with a particular focus on pushing forward the boundaries of arts and entertainment. Ricki Brazil is responsible for the business and development of key entertainment experiences that span the areas of sports, music, modeling and promotions. Brazil drives the individual expansion and marketability of clients, as well as providing the fundamental tools and public platforms needed to cultivate relationships with third-party entertainment partners around the world. Ricki Brazil has a unique blend of leadership, entrepreneurism and organizational development expertise; working day-to-day with clients to take ideas from conception to completion.

Mr. Brazil started his career in promotions where he honed his considerable skills at branding. He brings this powerful marketing perspective to each of his clients, most notable Championship boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mayweather Promotions. Working with Mayweather Promotions Ricki works hands on with the incoming fighters; overseeing their relocation and acclimation to Las Vegas and introducing them to the local social scenes.

His focus and expertise in visioning, strategic planning, executive coaching, communication, team building and critical thinking, leadership development, and keen negotiation skills make Ricki Brazil an asset to clients. Securing client feature coverage in Rolling Stone Magazine and various syndicated outlets across the globe.

Since starting his company in 2007, Brazil has become well known for helping clients and companies cut through the issues of personal and brand development and learn to communicate effectively. He has an ability to align the right people and processes to focus on their individual strengths, perspective goals and handle complex negotiations while overseeing the development and execution of live events, tours, special appearances and more. Ricki Brazil is a dynamic and engaging executive on a multitude of levels engaging the attention of clients and many in the entertainment management field.

Ricki’s leadership also extends into the local communities of Las Vegas, Nevada and Grand Rapids, Michigan working closely with The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth in addition to making annual donations to The Habitat Humane Society, Troubled Teens of Nevada Program, and Ottawa Hills Boys Varsity Basketball Team. He is a graduate of Ottawa Hills High School and earned a degree in business management from The University of Phoenix.


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